Fun with GPT.

Nov 14, 2023

OpenAI’s Dev Day introduced the new GPT agents, which are now available on ChatGPT Plus.

Played around with them during the weekend, and they are a lot of fun. Still Beta though, things can change.

It’s really easy to get started, and you can create your own agents in minutes.

Pixel Guide Expert advisor on photography techniques, camera settings, and editing.

Of course created Social Recommendator: Creates tailored professional recommendations with tone and length options. Or go to the original.

Elder Care Companion Friendly and reflective companion for engaging elderly in positive conversations.

Retro Reel Buddy Your fun guide to 80s and 90s movies, with engaging chats and recommendations!

Millennial Reel Buddy Your fun guide to 2000s and 2010s movies, with engaging chats and recommendations!

GenX Reel Buddy A fun guide to 60s and 70s movies, offering trivia and recommendations.

Movie Spoiler A spoiler assistant providing detailed plot summaries for movies.

Puppy Parenting Coach Puppy trainer specializing in gentle, positive puppy training.

Palette Pen Assists in crafting representational, editorial-style spot illustrations.

Verde Varie Friendly guide for growing and caring for variegated plants.

Mind Flex Offers brain training exercises and concepts for mental agility.

Home School Coach A supportive home schooling assistant offering educational guidance and resources.

But mine are peanuts in comparison with some of the ones already available now.