November 2023.

Key topics this month include the mystery surrounding OpenAI's Q* system, the use of AI in creating resumes, and the problematic rise of fake AI images in Google searches and AI-generated content in publications like Sports Illustrated. The practical applications of AI are showcased in diverse fields, from battery manufacturing to Siri's integration of conversational AI. Concerns about AI's impact on the job market, human evolution, and the power grid are explored, alongside ethical issues such as the use of underage workers in AI training. The role of AI in creative fields like music and fashion is highlighted, reflecting its growing influence in various industries. Articles also address the ongoing development of AI technologies, like Google's Bard, and operational challenges like OpenAI's outages. Finally, the future of AI is considered, with discussions on data shortages, sustainability, and the imperative for safe and ethical AI development. These articles collectively offer a snapshot of AI's current state and its potential future directions.

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