December 2023.

Highlights this month include Sam Altman's insights on OpenAI's internal dynamics, legal challenges like the NY Times' copyright lawsuit against OpenAI, and ethical dilemmas in AI's ability to create human-like art. Technological breakthroughs are also featured, from healthcare innovations to whimsical claims like AI proving Santa's existence. The impact of AI on journalism and its security challenges are explored, alongside reflections on ChatGPT's first anniversary and the progress of open-source models. The industry is buzzing with Google's launch of Gemini as a ChatGPT rival, and strategic movements like Meta and IBM's AI alliance. AI's diverse applications are evident, from tracking submarines to real estate, highlighting its strategic and societal importance. Articles also delve into philosophical aspects, such as AI's ethical limitations and Silicon Valley's 'effective altruism'. Together, these pieces provide a vivid snapshot of AI's current state, its transformative potential, and the complex challenges it poses.

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