January 2024.

Topics this month range from the need for socially responsible AI to concerns about its significant energy consumption, with AI potentially needing as much electricity as an entire country. Privacy issues are also raised, with reports of ChatGPT possibly leaking training data. The versatility of AI is showcased in the arts, with Brian Eno's AI-generated music documentary, and in healthcare, with AI predicting mortality. Governments are responding to AI's risks with new regulations, while the darker potential of AI is explored through its nefarious future uses. OpenAI's new app store concept could revolutionize ChatGPT's applications, but security concerns are evident, as seen in AI plugin flaws affecting WordPress sites. Research into effective AI instruction methods and AI's emerging role in social media and life prediction underscore its expansive impact. These articles collectively illustrate the complex and multifaceted nature of AI's development and integration into society.

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December 2023

Highlights this month include Sam Altman's insights on OpenAI's internal dynamics, legal challenges …

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